Identity Recovery Series

Begins Easter Sunday - April 21




Problem: Identity is too easily taken. We ride a roller coaster in life. Good things put us in a good mood. Bad things — we lose something, hear a negative comment, or face fears — a bad mood. The lies about our

identity rob us of joy.


Solution: Identify the lie, renounce the lie, replace it with truth. Let your identity be based in the truth of who you are in God, not the latest good or bad circumstances.


Join us as we recover our identities from these lies:


04/21 - “I am my worst moment”

04/28 - “I am what I have

05/05 - ”I am what I do”

05/12 - “I am what people think of me”

05/19 - “I am my best moment”


Sundays at 8:45am or 11:00am


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